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Back to 2018

par MADAOUI Karim

Découvrez le projet d’anglais de nos élèves de 1re S.

Ever had the feeling of déjà-vu ? Ever experienced flashbacks ? Then check out our project !

We have compiled the most memorable events of each month of 2018 for your reminiscence in 12 short videos.

They will be released twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, on the school website and Facebook page.

Stay tuned and enjoy the show !

The 1S class.

JANUARY by Peyo and Thao

FEBRUARY by Roxane and Ignace

March by Phong and Minh

April by Elise and Nhat Ninh

May by Roxane, Ignace, Phong and Minh Hieu

June by Anh Thu and Téa

July by Lila and Allegra

August by Quynh Anh and Hai Bang

September by Nhat Minh and Duc Huy

October by Sara and Bernard

November by Khai Minh and Phan

December by Minh Duc and Khanh Nguyen